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Edit Poto Dengan Photobie 7.2.10

Posting kali ini tetang Software Edit Photo banyak orang bilang kalo software edit photo itu langsung jawabnya Adobe Photoshop tapi masih banyak software edit foto lainnya, dan posting kali ini tentang software edit photo dengan Software Photobie, software ini hampir mirip seperti Adobe Photoshop karena memiliki banyak fungsi yang mirip dengan photoshot.

How Photobie Developed

Photobie software was originally designed by Cheng to edit pictures of his new-born daughter. To entertain her, he also created the flash jukebox. As Photobie became more popular, other useful features such as GIF animation, screen capture, image browser, Photoshop filter plugins host and photo template features were added.

Cheng decided to make Photobie always a free software for personal use so that everyone can enjoy it. Cheng received lots of support from many graphics enthusiasts. Among them, Odidio has made the greatest contribution.

Odidio helped Cheng in designing very intuitive features. He helped to write many basic and advanced Photobie tutorials. He helped to build the Photobie club forum and he is now an administrator of the Photobie Club Forum. Odidio loves graphics, he has created lots of great artworks and he has won many graphics design contests. Odidio loves animation and he wrote lots of animation tutorials for Photobie users. If you love animation, those tutorials will give you a quick start.

That's how Photobie got started. Today Photobie has become one of the most popular photo/image editing freeware programs with over one million downloads world wide. We now have more professional software developers and graphics designers that have joined our team. We are designing the next generation of Photobie. We are creating more artistic Design Templates, brushes, masks and other artworks for you to share and enjoy. We now have Scrapbook Artists joining our team, and we are building the bridge to bring traditional scrapbooking and digital scrapbooking together. Such hybrid scrapbooking allows you to fully explore your imagination.

Our team is based in Boston, Massachusetts. We are going to have a couple of free workshops at our local schools, libraries and other communities. We are sharing what we have with our community! That's what Photobie was originally designed for. It's for love!

How Photobie Grew

Our team and our community will continue to develop Photobie and Photobie Templates, as well as the Photobie site and graphics. In the mean time, our professional software developers, graphics designers, web designers and scrapbook artists are ready to offer all kinds of development and design services to your business and our global and local communities.

Our sponsors and partners are always helping us to grow. We are working with our sponsors and partners and we are planning on a series of events under their names. We are proud to be able to introduce our sponsors and partner's services to your business.

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